Winter Training Program

Given the limited space and numbers, all sessions ensure that players are always in motion. This allows the Northwind Coaching Staff to make corrections and focus on the players techique. It is also a good time to analyze the practical application of the players tactical awareness, makng sure they have fully understood what has been taught in training. 

Cocahing Points

  • Quick Speed of Play
  • Combination Play
  • Effective Attacking Runs
  • Forward Passes
  • Get to Goal Quickly

Tactical Points

  • Following up on 1v1's
  • Moving as a Unit
  • Ball Dictated Defense
  • Pressing to Regain Possession

Training Schedule

Below has our schedule for teams who have opted to train with the Chicago Fire Camps & Training trainers throughout the winter. Please confirm times and locations with your coach! 

Professional Trainers



3900 S Ashland Ave, 
Chicago, IL - 60609

t. 773-376-2900