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Registration Info

Apply for Membership Year 2015 (Fall 2015 / Spring 2016)

Is it too late to register for Spring?

Yes. Our Spring season is underway, and no more applications will be accepted. If you were on the wait list and are not offered a spot on a team by April 30, our Treasurer will process your refund.  We successfully placed over 200 players who applied for our spring waiting lists, but at this point have filled all of our teams.


When will I be able to register for Fall?

Applications will be accepted beginning May 3, 2015. Don’t miss your child’s opportunity to play with us in the Fall 2015/Spring 2016 membership year. Everyone must reapply each year, including our volunteers.


How much does it cost?

Fees will remain $195 for the 2015 membership year, which includes both the fall 2015 and spring 2016 seasons, as long as you get your application and payment in before June 30, 2015. Fees will increase to $235 after June 30.



All applications received by June 30, 2015 with accompanying payment will be processed and guaranteed placement on a team. 

Applications will continue to be accepted through July 31, 2015, however the fee will increase to $235 and registration is not guaranteed.

Any player we are unable to roster on a team will receive a full refund.


General Application Instructions

To apply:
  1. Go to www.eAYSO.org.
  2. Create an account, or sign in with your existing account information.
  3. Select Region 418 – Chicago Lakefront.
  4. Make sure that you:
    (1) Complete the application in full,
    (2) Digitally sign the electronic participation waiver,
    (3) AND submit payment.  Applications received without accompanying payment will not be accepted.
  5. Once the player application is complete, please complete a volunteer registration.   We are an entirely volunteer run operation and can always use more help. We will provide the training for any position you are interested in fulfilling. 


Additional Requirements For New Players

With a completed application and submission of the application fee, proof of age must also be submitted for players who are *new* to Region 418. A copy of a birth certificate, passport, state ID or other document showing the new player's name and birth date should be emailed to registrar@ayso418.org


Which Division?

eAYSO will automatically calculate your child’s appropriate age division. We do not take into account how skilled or experienced your child may be. “Everyone Plays” and we strive to have “Balanced Teams” so that ALL teams have the opportunity to compete and have fun. There are no exceptions.

Keep in mind that for our purposes we only consider what age your child was on August 1, 2015.  If they will have a birthday between now and then, the eAYSO system will state that they are one year younger than they are today.  This is correct.  Eligibility for our program and division placement is determined by your child's age your child is on August 1st each year.


Do you offer Sibling Discounts?

Region 418 does not provide family or sibling discounts. Instead, we offer financial assistance to families across a broad range of needs.


Financial Aid

Region 418 makes a limited number of scholarships available. If you wish to inquire about or be considered for a full or partial scholarship, please contact commissioner@ayso418.org for a confidential discussion. No child will be excluded because their family cannot afford the registration fee, but we will ask that you support the region in some capacity throughout the season. We are entirely volunteer run operation and can always use more help.

Volunteer Applications

Thanks for your interest in volunteering!  For a list of the volunteer positions, see the Volunteer page or the Parent Handbook.  As we explain on the Volunteer page, all new and returning volunteers must submit volunteer applications.  

Volunteer applications are in addition to the volunteering interest information submitted with a player application.

To submit a volunteer application:

  1. Log into eAYSO.org.
  2. Click on the "Apply as a new adult volunteer" or "Apply as a continuing adult volunteer" link as applicable.


Only interest, not experience, is needed. Region 418 will provide the training and mentorship you need to become a coach, referee, or other Region 418 volunteer.

For questions about the volunteer application process, please contact Barbara Passman, Child and Volunteer Advocate (volunteer registrar) at cvpa@ayso418.org.

Confirmation of Application

eAYSO does not send an email confirmation of an application, but parents do receive, via our merchant service company, confirmation that their credit card payment of the player fee was successful. The "Online payments" and "Print player forms" features ONLY become operative in eAYSO when an application has been correctly completed and filed. So, if you can see the option to pay the fee online and/or print a copy of your child's application, you know that you successfully filed the application. Upon receipt of payment, the player is then registered by the region.

Questions about Registration?

Should there be questions concerning the application process, please contact Susan Boush, AYSO Region 418 Registrar, at registrar@ayso418.org.