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Answers to frequently asked questions about Registration

Q: Can the whole AYSO registration process be completed online?
A: Yes! Returning Players - Just log in to eAYSO and complete the application. Pay on line and you're done! New Players - we still need proof of age; complete everything on-line and then come to our in-person registration with a birth certificate or other proof of age.

Q: I don't have a computer/can't figure out eAYSO. Can I submit a paper application to register my child?
A: No. Manual forms have been completely eliminated which makes the back end of our registration process much easier for our volunteers. Plus, no paper applications means that no paperwork gets misplaced – so we can now ensure that every completed registration is processed, and that every child is placed on a team. If you don’t have online access at home, Chicago Public Library branches offer free computer access – just call your local branch to reserve computer time in advance. In addition, computer access and assistance with our eAYSO registration system is available at each of our registration days, but be prepared - lines can be long.

Q: My child played in Region 418 last year. Do I need to provide a birth certificate at registration this year?
A: Not any more. Proof of birthdate is required only if the child did not play last year in Region 418.

Q: What does the registration fee cover?
A: The registration fee covers the cost of player uniforms, individual and team photos, trophies and park district permit fees, plus the coach, referee and field equipment required to run the program. In addition, we need funds to maintain and upgrade the lakefront soccer fields since there are scant public funds available for this purpose.

Q: If I cannot afford the fee, is financial assistance is available?
A: Yes! No child will be left out for financial reasons. If you cannot afford all or part of the registration fee, please contact

Q: Can I get my child on the same team as his/her friend or request a specific coach?
A: No. Random team assignment, coupled with player ratings when available, is the best way to ensure balanced teams. Only exception: If you have two children of the same sex and in the same age division, you can request that they be assigned to the same team.

Q: I want to be a coach. Can I request a specific assistant coach?
A: No. Parents coach their children. If coaches with talented kids team up, they have an unfair advantage.

Q: Are there tryouts?
A: For our regular program, no.  Every child registered will be assigned to a team, up to the maximum number of teams we can support per division and based on the number of certified coaches we have.  Children are rostered on teams based on the order in which they register, so some who register later may end up on wait lists if the number of registrants is larger than the number of players we can support with the number of teams we can form.

Q: My child will be four years old soon. Can she play AYSO soccer?
A: Yes! We've started a U5 instructional program for the youngest players, similar to our U6 program. Your child must be 4 years old by July 31 or earlier of the current year to participate.

Q: My child was born after July 31; some of his/her friends in the same grade were born before July 31 and were put in an older age division. Can I get my child put in the same age division as them?
A: Generally No. Our age division placements are governed by national AYSO policy and are based on date, not what grade the child is in at school. We do attempt to place children of the same school class in the same age division. If your child has special needs, contact Regional Commissioner at regarding divisional placement.

Q: Do I have to provide an e-mail address when I register?
A: Yes, with around 3,000 kids in the program, email is our main means of communication, so it's very important that we have a good email address on file for you. It enables us to send you Region 418 news to keep you up to date and informed. Please note that you may get emails from AYSO National as well as emails from just our region. Understand that they are 2 different things, so if you feel you are getting too much AYSO email, please try just unsubscribing from the AYSO National emails. Once you unsubscribe from the regional emails, we cannot put you back on our email list, and you will be missing out on important news related to the region. (To resubscribe, you have to do it by using the "Sign Me Up!" -> "Region 418 emails" link in the navigation bar.) We do not give your e-mail address to commercial bulk mailers.

Q: What is the process for player withdrawal?
A: Click here for information about the withdrawal process.