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Coach Resources

Coaches! Thanks again for volunteering! We realize how much time you put into juggling your coaching duties with your work, family and other commitments. We have created this page in the hopes that it will make your coaching job a little easier. Below are links to web pages and documents that are chock full of great coaching information and resources. If you have any questions or comments about anything below, please contact our Regional Coach Administrator, Jeric Johnson, at

Soccer Goal Setup

Coaches have periodic goal duty throughout the season, and are responsible for setting up and taking down the team goals.  Our Board DAs have shared the following video as a resource for coaches preparing for goal duty.:

Setting up a soccer goal

Coach Handbooks

Below are links to Coach Handbooks that we created for the U6, U8, U10 and U12 Divisions in Region 418. They contain material on AYSO Philosophies, Technical Skills, Team Management and Soccer Rules. These Coach Handbooks are designed to supplement the Coach Training sessions and the official AYSO Coach Manuals, see below. That said, if you have not yet been able to attend a Coach Training session, these Coach Handbooks, combined with the games / drills in the links below, will give you a good start on coaching until you can get to a Coach Training session.

U14 Coaches are welcome to look at any of these, and the U12 Coach Handbook will likely be helpful! We are working on preparing a U14 Coach Handbook. As the U14 Coaches can appreciate, U14 is a lot more involved than the lower divisions, and there is a lot more ground to cover in a U14 Coach Handbook.

Official AYSO Coach Manuals

Below are links to the official AYSO Coach Manuals. They are the official Coach Manuals designed for coaches who have attended the age-appropriate coach certification course. That said, even if you have not attended the age-appropriate coach certification course, you are welcome and encouraged to download and read the Coach Manual for the age-division that you are coaching in.

U6 Curriculum

Please see the official U6 Curriculum (below). It covers a lot of the same material covered in the U6 Coach Handbook, but also includes a specific weekly schedule / curriculum of games and drills.

Drills and Games

There are many resources on the web for age appropriate drills and games. As stated above, the U6 Curriculum has many drills and games that are appropriate for U6. We recommend the following resources to start with.

First, AYSO National has put a lot of great games and drills on the internet. Below are links by age-division:

Second, our region has a contract with Elite Soccer, which gives us access to their training curricula. See our Practice Curricula web page. The Elite Soccer Practice Curricula are broken down into week-to-week practice sessions and contain countless great training games and drills.

U10-U12-U14 Coach Clinic Handbook

A couple of years ago, our region conducted a U10-U12-U14 Clinic. See the following link for a handbook that was distributed at the clinic. The handbook contains a lot of great training games and information for coaches in the older age divisions: U10-U12-U14 Clinic

We hope that these materials and links will be helpful to you! Again, if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact our Regional Coach Administrator, Jeric Johnson, at