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Coach Training

New - Coaching Certification Dates

Age appropriate training is mandatory for all Region 418 Coaches at all Age Divisions.  Training is fun, helpful and FREE!  Do your part in our all volunteer organization and coach a team.  It is the BEST experience you will have with your child and their friends! 
You can take your division certification at any AYSO sponsored training.  Look on for details and registration.

About Coach Certification

Each AYSO Coach must be (1) Certified at the level appropriate for their division, (2) a Registered Volunteer, and (3) Certified for Safe Haven.  Please see the sections below for more information on each of these.

It may sound like a lot, but it does not take long. By completing these steps, you will be given the age-appropriate knowledge needed to teach and develop the “love of the game” to a new generation of soccer players, all done in a fun, safe and supported environment.

Note: While Safe Haven and divisional Coach Certifications need only be taken once (although you are welcome to retake them), Volunteer registration must be done every year.

Coach Certification


  • Coach Certification Courses are required for every coach for each division they plan to coach. 
  • Once a course is taken for a specific division, your volunteer profile will be updated with that certification and you will be able to coach in that division for years to come without repeating that division specific course. 
  • Once you or your child move to a different age division, you will need to be certified at the new division you plan to coach. 
  • All certification courses are free to our Region 418 registered volunteers.  All courses offered by AYSO in other regions also qualify for your certification requirements as all are submitted to our National AYSO and all are updated to your personal profile. 
Register Now!
Register quickly via for a course that fits your schedule. 
There are many course options for your to choose from both locally and nearby.  eAYSO will always be the most up to date listing of course offerings and the time/location information.  Based upon registrations, some course may be capped due to high attendance, some courses may be cancelled due to low attendance.  Sign up now so we can all plan accordingly.

Becoming a Registered Volunteer

  1. Go to
  2. Login with the same E-mail and Password used for your child’s player registration.
  3. Click on the appropriate link under “Adults Wanting to Volunteer”
  4. Continue the process as stated and submit application. (Questions/problems: contact Barb at

Safe Haven Instructions

You need your AYSO ID# to get your Safe Haven Certification. Steps 1-4 explain how you view your AYSO ID# and current certifications:

  1. Log onto with the same e-mail and password that you used for registration.
  2. Click on “View coach team” from the selection under “Those who have already volunteered”.
  3. Click on “Click Here” under the “Certification” column.
  4. Now you can see your AYSO ID# in the upper right hand corner AND your current list of credentials. If “SAFE HAVEN” is listed under your Certification Description, then you are done. If not, proceed to Step #5.
  5. Type in or click on the following link:
  6. Enter your eAYSO ID# (from Step 4) and your last name.
  7. Click Courses and then complete the Safe Haven Course from your computer. When complete, your certification will be automatically updated and you will be eligible to coach! Congratulations and thank you for volunteering!

Age-Appropriate Certification

All coaches must be certified for the age group that they plan to coach for the season. Why? These courses build confidence, communicate expectation and reinforce "Kid Zone" values that help all of us adults make the most of soccer for all of our 3,000 kids in the 418! We help you know the soccer you need to know and understand the physiology and psychology of the age group you will be coaching, while teaching you great games to help everyone learn soccer skills and have fun on the pitch.

Online Training Field/Class Certification
  1. Go directly to
  2. Login with your AYSO ID# (refer to Steps 1-4 above) and Last Name.
  3. Click Courses and then the course for your Division (for example, "Course C003 - U-10 Coach").
  4. Complete the Coach course from your computer. When complete, your certification will be automatically updated.
U6 is Online-only.  Upper divisions see below.
  1. Log onto
  2. Click on "Enroll to take a class".
  3. Search by (State = IL) and (Course = {scroll to course needed}).
  4. Click the "SEARCH" button.
  5. Click on the course that works for you.
  6. When you complete the course, we will update your certification, and you will be ready to COACH!
Note: U14 course is called "Intermediate Coach"
U12 No online training for U12, U14.

*In cases where both online and field certification are offered, we highly recommend that
coaches complete the online training first, followed by the field certification course.

* You may also get in touch with our Regional Coach Administrator, Jeric Johnson, at with questions or to let him know you're interested.