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Winter Indoor Soccer Program

AYSO Winter Indoor Soccer program

It's back:  the popular AYSO Region 418 Indoor Soccer program will be here before you know it.  Don't let this beautiful Fall fool you. Soon enough the winds will be howling off of Lake Michigan, and you will be glad to be watching your son or daughter playing indoor soccer at Chicago Indoor Sports, Chicago's premiere indoor soccer facility located at 3900 South Ashland (39th & Ashland).  This program is very popular and spots are limited, so sign up fast.  Here's what you need to know:

  • Indoor is for U8, U10 and U12 and U14 players
  • The teams are co-ed (initial plans to try separate boys and girls divisions at U12 have been abandoned).
  • This year, all of our games will be played on Saturdays between 12:30 and 5 PM--the facility will be an all AYSO facility, all four fields, during that time (with some small exceptions). No more 8-hour days of indoor soccer. Hopefully this will make things easier for our families!
  • The season will start up on January 4, 2014 and will finish with an end-of-season tournament to conclude March 22, 2014, before most Spring Breaks start.  The tournament is a blast!
  • This is a games-only league. Keep the kids active in the winter, and keep their soccer skills sharp, without having to worry about mid-week practices!
  • The league is limited to currently enrolled AYSO players, but due to demand, we are opening the doors this year to players in all regions, not just region 418. The first two weeks of enrollment will be limited to kids playing in Region 418, but after that, enrollment is open to all AYSO players.
  • $175 for the entire season, which includes a team jersey.  For indoor, players can mix and match their own shorts and socks.
  • Each player will get a commemorative AYSO Indoor program trading pin. Woo hoo!
  • And you will get to hangout with me and all of your other AYSO friends in a climate controlled, indoor environment, watching great soccer, keeping the kids active, and keeping winter at bay!
  • Questions?  See the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) below.  If your question is not answered there, please email our Director of Winter Programs, Matt Miller, at indoor@ayso418.org.
  • Note: The Winter indoor program schedules will be available closer to January 2014.



Follow these steps to register:

  1. Log into the eAYSO portal.
  2. Under the Apply for my children to Play list, click the Signup for other programs option.
  3. Click the appropriate age division for the Indoor Winter programs for your child.
  4. Use either the Pay via Fee Credit Card or Pay Fee by Check/MO/Cash buttons to complete the registration.


More Information

Indoor soccer is a fun, fast-paced game, and a great way to stay in shape and keep playing soccer during the cold winter months. Indoor soccer is NOT outdoor soccer inside. This is a completely different game. The fields are different, the game is faster, the rules are different. There are no sidelines—the boards keep the ball in play most of the time (if a ball touches the net above the boards or goes into the bench area, then it is out of play and the other team kicks the ball back in play). In indoor soccer, substitutions are made on the fly and often—it is not uncommon for substitutions to be made every 3-5 minutes as this is a tiring game.

We need coaches!! Remember, this is an all-volunteer organization. If you are a coach now and your son or daughter wants to play indoor, please consider coaching again. New coaches are welcome too! Please email Director of Winter Programs, Matt Miller, at indoor@ayso418.org after you've registered your child to let him know that you'd like to coach.

I want to coach but have no idea how indoor soccer works. Help!
We are here to help. If you are not already a registered coach, you will need to participate in coach training, which we will provide. Once you have completed that (and even if you have already done so but want to know more about the indoor game), if you still have questions, feel free to contact the league administrator, Matt Miller, at indoor@ayso418.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my kid be placed on a team, or does it change each week?
Despite what you may be hearing, every player will be placed with a team for the winter season...uniform shirts and all. We also try to keep teammates from outdoor together for indoor when possible, so long as we can do so while still maintaining balanced teams.

I want to coach. What do I need to do?
You must be an AYSO certified coach. If you are not yet certified but want to coach, this is an excellent chance to get certified. Email Matt Miller at indoor@ayso418.org for more info. Remember, this is an all volunteer organization. Step up and help out! You and your kids will benefit if you do.

Can I keep my team together in indoor?
As was the case last year, we will make every effort to keep teams together, so long as doing so remains consistent with our overall philosophy of balanced teams and balanced competition. Also, with the co-ed format, we aim to distribute the boys and girls as evenly as possible, which means we may have to split teams. When we split teams, we will do so in a way that allows teammates to still play together, even if not as a complete squad.

When will practice times be available?
Certain teams will have field time before their games, for limited practice sessions. These times will be spread out among the different teams and will be available when the schedule has been made.

Can my U6 child play in U8 for indoor?
There are a lot of reasons for this, but the short answer is no... no U6 players, sorry.

Can my friend play in the league?
If your friend is currently enrolled and on an AYSO Region 418 team, yes. Otherwise, no. The indoor program is an added benefit for our existing families. Encourage your friend to play AYSO next year and then they can participate in indoor, too!

What shoes does my child need?
Anything but cleats. The facility does not allow cleats. Turf shoes are fine, as are soccer flats and gym shoes. No cleats. Also, as a reminder, shin guards are required. No shin guards = no play.