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Player Withdrawal

IMPORTANT! To withdraw your child from AYSO you must submit:

  1. Written notice of withdrawal - form below.
  2. Proof of successful payment, e.g., copy of canceled check or credit card statement. See details below.


Withdrawal is effective immediately upon submission of this form to AYSO, not upon receipt of the refund. A child may not participate in AYSO programs once (s)he has been withdrawn. To request player reinstatement, the parent must contact the Registrar. We do not guarantee team placement - if you ask for reinstatement, your child may be re-assigned to another team. Coaches are not authorized to allow a withdrawn player to rejoin their teams.

The refund will be processed and mailed to you in 6-8 weeks. Region 418 refunds player fees according to the schedule below.

Fall Session:

  • If the refund is requested before August 1, the fee is refunded in full.
  • If refund request is made after August 1 but before a team uniform is distributed and before the first game is played, a full refund is made minus the national registration fee and insurance fee component paid to AYSO National.
  • If player refund request is made after the first game has been played, 50% refund is provided if the uniform is returned. $25 will be deducted from the refund if the uniform is not returned.
  • If player refund is requested after the conclusion of the fall session, no refund is made.

For Wait List Players Joining for Spring Session:

  • If a refund is requested before the first game, the fee is refunded in full.
  • If a refund is requested after the first game but before the third game, we will refund 50% minus the national registration fee.
  • After the third game, no refund.