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Ref Scheduling

Scheduling for SoccerFest

Scheduling for SoccerFest is NOT done using RefScheduler.  Referees and linespeople are assigned to a referee team, and each team will have a team leader.  The schedule of referee teams for SoccerFest will be updated at least one more time before Saturday, June 11 (the first day of SoccerFest). 

Your team leader should contact you with information about when to meet (usually 15 to 30 minutes before the starting time of the flight to which you are assigned).  If you are a floater, please check in at the referee tent (located close to Field 5.)   If you don't hear from your team leader, please let me know.

Please be sure to read the Rules carefully BEFORE your flight!  The Rules provide important information for referees about the matches (such as which team kicks off and instructions for completing game cards).

Information for Referee Teams (Team Leaders and Members): SoccerFest 2016

Information about game cards, a summary of key SoccerFest Rules, and guidelines for new team leaders are set out in the the following document:

Referee Scheduling During the Spring and Fall Seasons (Regular Play)

We use© to allow referees to self-assign their games.
Click here to open the© login screen in a new window .

We are Section 6, Area D, Region 418.

Instructions for Using RefScheduler

In order to use© and to referee games in Region 418, you must be a registered volunteer on eAYSO. If your name does not appear in the list, please send an email to Karen Butler,, or enter your data via the "New Referee SignUp" button after the following steps.

Once registered, you'll be given a password to begin signing up to referee games.

  • Select Section 6
  • Select Area D
  • Select Region 418

At this point, you can save your preferences for quicker access in the future.

Next, pick your name from the list of referees

  1. Select your name
  2. Enter your password (the first letter of your first name, followed by your surname - maximum of 10 characters - all in lower case). If your name is Bob/Robert Smith, your password is either bsmith or rsmith.
  3. click on the "Login" button or press the "Enter" key

You can also save your login information for quicker access in the future.

How to sign up for a game

Once logged in, you'll see the menu for registered users. From here you can:

  • Review all upcoming games
  • Review games for a specific date using a calendar.
  • The current date will be shaded in light blue
  • To pick a different month/year, use either the arrows along side the month or use the drop-down box at the bottom. If you use the drop-down list boxes, then select "Go" to see that month.
  • Review/change assignments you have made. If you need to un-assign yourself, you may do so as long as it is still 48 hours prior to game day. Otherwise, you'll need to contact the scheduler since they need to find another referee FAST!!
  • Update your existing referee information on record. Note: You should change your password.