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Referee Links

AYSO web site for all AYSO volunteers and includes all AYSO referee publications, lesson plans, instructor information, tests, and general information. In addition, if you click on “Officiating” (under 2008 Section Conference Lesson Plans), you’ll find more than 2-dozen workshop titles from the 2008 Section Conference.

This is a fun website to use to refresh your Law memory or ask questions about refereeing. Note: This is not an official AYSO or USSF website but the information presented here is usually very useful.

This is the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) website. FIFA is the international governing body of soccer. On the bottom of the page, there are quick links for the Laws of the Game and Refereeing. The former includes Interpretation of the Laws of the Game and Guidelines for Referees, and the latter has Referee Teaching Material.

This is the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) web site. The "Laws of the Game" quick links include Position Papers, Ask a Referee and You Make the Call. The "Referee Development" quick links include Advice to Referees and Information for New Referees. The "Referee Week in Review" feature is also worth looking at frequently. Note: AYSO is a member of USSF, which is the national governing body for soccer in the USA.

This website contains hundreds and hundreds of videos, including situations broken down by the U.S. Soccer’s Referee Department. A detailed analysis of each rule interpretation can be found at

YouTube Video Explaining Offside Rule

This video posted on YouTube provides a very clear explanation of the Offside rule. * If you have problems with the link, paste the following into your browser window: