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U5 Rules of Play

How the U5 Program works

Unlike the older divisions that use volunteer coaches, the U5 division hires professional soccer trainers from Elite Soccer. These professional coaches lead you and your child through a 30-minute practice designed for 4-year-olds. We say you and your child because it is important that you help your child through the drills during practice. After the practice, the trainers will divide the kids into four teams. These teams will play each other on two U5 size fields right next to the training field. These games are lead by the parents; four parents (1 per team) will need to act as coaches substituting kids when necessary and two parents will need to act as referees.

A few seasons ago we decided to run the U5 program in this jamboree style to better develop the kids as players and get them more involved in games. Next year in the U6 Division your child will be assigned to a 5-6 player team that will need a parent to step forward to volunteer to coach.

Rule changes specific to the U5 Program

The parents lead the 30-minute "game" portion of each U5 practice. Individuals will need to step forward each week to act as coaches and referees. The key to coaching is to rotate the kids so each one gets equal playing time. Referees will need to keep things moving by re-starting the game after goals while keeping an eye on the clock. At this stage the kids can play 10-minute halves with a 5-minute or so break between halves for water and encouragement. The goal of this program is to teach the kids basic soccer skills and to let them have fun playing. We want them to work on the skills from the practice session but not get too bogged down with all of the rules of soccer. For example, we encourage the parents to try to keep the ball on the field during the game. If a ball is going out of bounds we encourage spectators to push the ball back on to the field. If a throw-in becomes necessary, let the child take a few turns to make a good throw-in (2 hands, behind the head with feet down).

Equipment your child should bring:

Size 3 soccer ball
Soccer Cleats [recommended but not required]
Shin Guards
Water Bottle


Players each receive an AYSO U5 uniform consisting of shirt, shorts, and socks the first week of the season. Please come to the U5 volunteer station right in between the U5 N/S field to pick up your child’s uniform before or after their first practice.

Teams/Cohorts and Fields

Your child will be been assigned to a specific cohort that will play in a particular Saturday time slot. The time slot stays consistent throughout the Fall and Spring season. The U5 Fields are on the East side of Simmons Drive just south of Foster Ave.

Schedule Changes

There are over 350 boys and girls in the U5 program and based on the numbers alone, we cannot accommodate schedule change requests. If there are extremely compelling circumstances you may contact the U5 Division Administrator at