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Extra Travel Soccer

AYSO EXTRA Travel Program

Vision: AYSO EXTRA is a travel soccer program providing progressive player development, designed for players who have the interest, skills and abilities and want to enhance their experience and individual growth through soccer while retaining the spirit of and organization membership in AYSO.

Mission: AYSO EXTRA is designed to enhance AYSO’s primary program by recruiting and retaining players and volunteers through providing more competitive play the AYSO way – all EXTRA programs embrace the “Six Philosophies” of AYSO.

Important Extra Program News

EXTRA Program Tryouts

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Answers to Common Questions:

Extra Tryout Process

AYSO Extra tryouts will be conducted together with the Northwind travel program and are currently planned for the week before Memorial Day. All players participating will be evaluated by professional trainers and offered positions on teams that represent groupings of the most qualified players. Players interested should pre-register and indicate if they are trying out for Extra, Northwind or either. Good luck to all!

Click here to see the Extra tryout page.

Contact Information

For more information about the AYSO Extra program, please contact the following:

Ivan Boone, Regional Extra Program Coordinator