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Answers to Common Questions

Q: What’s different about the Extra travel league?

A: Extra Travel teams represent regional AYSO programs and play only against other Extra teams from nearby AYSO regions. Currently, Extra teams play against regions in the 6D area including such cities as Lake Forest, Glenview, Grayslake, Winnetka, Glencoe, Skokie, Morton Grove, Highland Park, Deerfield, and Rogers Park.


Q: How will Extra teams be formed?

A: Extra teams will be formed by selecting players through open tryouts, with players rated by independent trainers and certified coach volunteers. Players are selected once each season for fall and spring competition and no spots are reserved from year to year. Tryouts are typically held the week following Memorial Day.


Q: What is the time commitment for Extra players?

A: Extra players are expected to participate in one practice per week of approximately 1.5 hours in addition to practices conducted by their primary program teams. Extra teams typically play a travel soccer match during the fall and spring seasons on Sundays at approximately 5:00 pm. Generally, half of these matches will be home or away. Additionally, Extra teams are invited to play in an Extra Playoff Tournament at the conclusion of the spring season.


Q: Is there a winter Extra program?

A: No. Extra players are free to participate in other winter activities, including AYSO’s primary indoor soccer program.


Q: How is Extra coaching different?

A: Extra teams are coached by AYSO certified parent coaches and are supported by professional trainers throughout the year. All training organizations are approved by the Area Extra Director and offer high quality technical training and development. Trainers are expected to design and lead all practice sessions in collaboration with coaches and will remain with the team throughout the season. Trainers will also attend a number of matches to evaluate the team and player development over the course of the season.


Q:What’s required for Extra coach volunteers?

A: All Extra coaches must complete no less than U12 coaching certification, concussion training, and be AYSO Safe Haven approved. Extra coaches are chosen from approved AYSO volunteers and are expected to be among the most qualified AYSO coaches available. Extra coaches will enjoy the added benefit of working with a professional trainer for the season, which should add to their overall coaching skill development as a result.


Q: How is Extra different than the primary AYSO program?

A: Extra travel soccer is an extension to the primary AYSO program, intended to provide additional developmental opportunities for those willing to make the investment to get access to a deeper level of skill development and training. Participants should expect a more competitive level of play in the Extra league within Area 6D, where all Extra teams represent the “All Star” players from each region. Similar to the primary program, all players will receive balanced playing time and continued experience playing all positions on the field. Players will not receive preferential treatment for particular skills or playing time based on performance. All AYSO rotational rules will be followed.


Q: How is Extra different from other club programs?

A: Extra teams are only intended to compete with nearby AYSO regional teams and as such are not registered with state youth soccer leagues such as Illinois Women’s Soccer League and Northern Illinois Soccer League. This affords AYSO the ability to ensure that the AYSO philosophies are being followed and that all players and volunteers have the opportunity to maintain and receive the benefits promoted through AYSO's mission. Rules of play for Extra matches are governed by the same rules that apply for the primary AYSO program.


Q: What age groups will have Extra teams?

A: For the next fall season starting in September, Extra teams will be open for U10 and U12 age groups, with one boys and girls team at each level. Just like the primary program, U10 means players U9 & U10 combined and U12 means players U11 & U12 combined.


Q: How much does Extra cost?

A: Currently, the Extra program fee for the entire year is $425.00 per player. This fee includes all practices, matches, playoffs, professional trainers, and coaches and uniforms. Transportation is not included for away games. Volunteer support is fun and expected with all AYSO endeavors. In fact, it is because AYSO is an all volunteer organization that we can offer such great value to our communities and spread the joy of soccer to so many.