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Molly 2012-2013

Molly with Very Important Player Abdi

Molly Lawrence started as a volunteer when she was in 8th grade. Molly has the flexibility and knowledge to work with a range of players and willingly accepts placement with whomever she is needed. Her modesty and quiet disposition belies the strength of her emotional intelligence and ability. The following lines from Molly show her wisdom and heart:

“From being a volunteer, I've learned to be both patient and persistent with the players. Sometimes it may take them longer to learn a new skill, and, just because they initially seem unable or unwilling to do something, that doesn't mean they won't get it eventually. I'll repeat the coach's instructions, point to the part of the body they need to move, do the skill myself as an example, or even gently move their body to do it themselves. And then hopefully, after hearing, seeing, and feeling how to do the skill, they'll be able to do it on their own, whether it be toe-taps, touching their elbow to the soccer ball in Simon Says, or crab-walking for Sharks and Minnows.

That's what I find most rewarding, when they finally accomplish something they haven't done before, and then the next time they're told to perform the task, they can do it with no further explanation.”

Molly will be starting her senior year at Walter Payton in the Fall.  We look forward to one more year with her as part of the program.  Congratulations, Molly!

Follow the Program -> Special Needs link to find out more about the VIP Program and about becoming a VIP Volunteer