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Parent FAQ's

Q: The fall season is approaching. When will I find out what team my child is on?

A: Your coach will be contacting you within a few weeks of the start of the season to introduce him or herself. Although email is a preferred method of communication for most of our coaches, make sure to get their current phone number when they call. If you've not heard from your coach toward the end of August, PLEASE BE PATIENT. He or she may be on vacation. However, if you do not get a phone call or email by August 31, you can log into eAYSO (use the same login you used to register) to look up your Coach's name and contact information. Once logged in, click on the big blue button for AYSO Parents, then click on "See Player ID, Team Assignment, and Team Coach Info."

If you still have questions you may contact your Division Administrator (see below). Please DO NOT contact the Region Commissioner regarding team assignments.

Q: Can my child move to another team?

A: Because teams are already carefully balanced out, except for extraordinary and rare circumstances, players cannot move to another team. Although it may seem simple, changing players to accomodate scheduling conflicts is a lot of work. Please remember that we are working with around 3,000 players in the program, and each request has a impact on many families and teams. Please contact the Division Administrator with any questions or concerns.

Q: I forgot my team number/what team my child is on, how can I get it?

A: Log into eAYSO (be sure to use the same login you used to register!), click on the big blue button for AYSO Parents, then click on "See Player ID, Team Assignment, and Team Coach Info." If you still have questions, contact your Division Administrator.

Q: My child has lost/outgrown her uniform - what do I do?

A: All new players are entitled to one full uniform set that fits. If you lose or outgrow your uniform, we can get you a new one, but you have to pay for it. ($3 socks only, $10 shorts only, $20 jersey only, $25 complete uniform set with all 3 pieces) Send an email to Be sure to include your Division/Team # (i.e. U12B-16), your size requirements (YXS thru AXXL), and a ship-to address w/ phone number. Depending on how many orders we get, we may ship direct to each family, or we may ship all together and bring to the fields for pick-up. Send check made payable to AYSO 418 with "Uniform" in the memo area to:

AYSO Region 418 Chicago Lakefront
4507 N Ravenswood Ave, Suite 101, Chicago, IL 60640

~ Assume 2 weeks between request and delivery ~

Q: Where are games and practices?

A:  Check out our Field Map for locations of our game fields. U5 does not hold separate practices. U6 teams hold practices before or after their games. For U8 and up, practices are held at a location and time determined by the team coach.