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Registration Info

Fall 2016 Start Date

This fall 2016 season starts on September 10th.

Register soon as teams are being created.

Membership Year 2016 (Fall 2016 / Spring 2017)

NEW Registration Portal:  

Region 418 is pioneering one of the first AYSO registration tools on the Blue Sombrero site. Blue Sombrero has managed thousands of sports programs nationwide, and we feel very confident in their ability to meet our needs. As one of the largest AYSO regions in the country, we are proud to be among the first to launch this product of the partnership. While we do not expect to encounter any issues along the way, we are confident that we can identify and help address any bugs as they arise for the benefit of the national organization. Your patience and cooperation through our first year is much appreciated. Please share your experiences with us as we pilot this program on behalf of the other AYSO regions nationwide. No player registrations in Region 418 will happen in eAYSO for the Fall. Only our volunteer background checks will be processed through eAYSO.

Go to the new registration portal.




We accept applications at various times of the year.  The date that the application is submitted (with payment) determines what happens next. The only time we "guarantee registration" and placement on teams is during our Annual registration period, which is May-June of each year.


Application Date

Application Result

May -June Guaranteed Registration for the full membership year, beginning the following August, including placement on a team for both fall & spring seasons.
July - September Wait listed and placed on teams only if space and resources permit.
October - January No new applications are accepted during these months of the year.
February - April Wail listed and placed on a team only if space and resources permit.


Do I need to re-register for the spring season?

NO. If you played with us on a team in the fall, you will continue with those same teammates and coach through the spring. Only new applicants who want to be on the waiting list to fill mid-year vacancies should apply for the spring.




$200 for the full 2016 membership year, which includes both the fall 2016 and spring 2017 seasons, if your application and payment are submitted before June 30, 2016.

$250 for the full 2016 membership year, which includes both the fall 2016 and spring 2017 seasons, if your application is received between July 1 - September 30, 2016.

$100 for our High School players, and Spring-only wait list hopefuls. (These players only have the opportunity to play with us for one not two seasons.)

$80 for our VIP Program, which includes both the fall 2015 and spring 2016 seasons for players whose physical or mental disabilities make it difficult to successfully participate on mainstream teams.


Financial Aid / Discounts

Region 418 does not provide family or sibling discounts. Instead, we offer financial assistance to families across a broad range of needs. We have a limited number of scholarships available. If you wish to inquire about or be considered for a full or partial scholarship, please contact for a confidential discussion. No child will be excluded because their family cannot afford the registration fee, but we will ask that you support the region in some capacity throughout the season. We are an entirely volunteer run operation and can always use more help.

Player Withdrawal / Refund Policies

Player withdrawal requests must be made in writing.  

Please email your Coach (if known), your Division Administrator, and the Registrar the following information:

  1. Player first and last name

  2. Team Designation (#) if known

  3. Reason for Withdrawal - We don’t need specifics. We just would like to know if you are leaving because of something happening in our region that we could improve.

  4. Uniform - Did you receive one? If so, are you returning it to us unused and intact, or keeping it?

  5. Refund - Are you requesting a refund be credited back to you, or are you willing to donate your refund to the Region 418 Scholarship Fund? Charitable contribution letters can be provided if you select the latter option.

Withdrawal is effective upon written notice from the parent, not upon receipt of the refund. A child may not participate in AYSO programs once (s)he has been withdrawn. To request reinstatement, contact the Registrar. Coaches are not authorized to allow a withdrawn player to rejoin their team.

Refund calculations are based on withdrawal/request dates as follows:

Full Year (Fall/Spring):

  • 100% if the refund is requested before August 1.

  • If refund request is made after August 1, but before a team uniform is distributed and first game is played, a full refund is made minus the national registration fee and insurance fee component paid to AYSO National.

  • 50% if player refund request is made after the first game has been played, provided if the uniform is returned. $25 will be deducted from the refund if the uniform is not returned.

  • After October 31, no refunds will be made.

  • If you were on the waiting list and were unable to be placed, you will receive a full refund at the end of September.

Winter Indoor:

  • 100% if the refund is requested before December 1.

  • 50% if the refund is requested December 1-15.

  • After December 15, 50% refund will only be provided if we are able to fill the vacancy with a player from the waiting list.

  • If you were on the waiting list and were unable to be placed, you will receive a full refund at the end of January.

Wait List Players for Spring Only:

  • 100% if the refund is requested before the first game.

  • If a refund is requested after the first game but before the third game, we will refund 50% minus the national registration fee.

  • After the third game, no refunds will be made.

Confirmation of Player Application

eAYSO does not send an email confirmation of an application, but parents do receive, via our merchant service company, confirmation that their credit card payment of the player fee was successful. The "Online payments" feature ONLY become operative in eAYSO when an application has been correctly completed and filed. So, if you can see the option to pay the fee online, you know that you successfully filed the application. Upon receipt of payment, the player is then registered (or waitlisted depending on date of submission) by the region.

Questions about Registration?

Should there be questions concerning the application process, please contact Lindsey Bartholomew, AYSO Region 418 Registrar, at