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AYSO418 - Goal Duty Procedures (8U, 10U & 12U)

AYSO is an all-volunteer organization, and we work hard to keep our costs down. One of the ways we do this is by asking teams to pitch in with setting up and taking down goals. Each week, the Home teams with opening and closing games each day will have goal duty.  For the 8U, 10U and 12U divisions, the goals are delivered/collected each Saturday to the AYSO Tent by Field 5 from our storage unit, and the teams are responsible for set-up and take-down of the goals on their fields. Typically a team will have p.m last-game Take-down Goal Duty one week and then a.m Set-up goal duty the following week. We rotate this task so that no single team should have each set-up and take-down goal duty more than once a season.

If you are not familiar with the process of taking down or setting up a soccer goal, then please refer to the instructions further down this page.

Morning Goal Duty

Goals will be available from 8:00 a.m. and teams with goal duty must pick up the goal bags for their fields at the AYSO tent next to Field 5.  Goal bags are numbered and are colored based on size:

• U08 - Black & Green, 4’x6’ Folding Goals

• U10 - Blue Bags, 6’x18’ Portable Goals

• U12 - Black Bags, 7’x21’ Portable Goals

The goal bags for U8 can be transported by a single person, but the bags for U10 and U12 will typically require two people to easily carry. If you have a game on the west side of Lake Shore Drive (Fields C, D and E), then it is typically easier to drive the goals over to the parking lot by Margate Field House, but you can also carry them through the tunnel under LSD located on the other side of Field 5.

End-of-Day Goal Duty

Both teams playing the final matxh of the day, ending generally between 2:00-4:00 p.m. and indicated on schedule with the designation (GD) adjacent the Field #, should together disassemble the goals, place into goal bags and assist the Home team in loading for transit. The Home team is then responsible for transporting the goals to the AYSO tent next to Field 5 and placing into the equipment truck. 

Corner Flags - Corner Flags are no longer kept in the goal bags. There will be a store of corner flags available with the goals at the AYSO equipment truck at Field 5. Four corner flags should be collected from and returned to that location when picking up and returning the goals.

Weather Cancellations

One of the advantages of the new equipment process is that it allows us to be more selective in the cancellations of fields due to adverse weather or field conditions.  

Full-Day Cancellation

If we have to cancel the entire day for one or more fields, this will be announced by our weather team by 7am on Saturday, and updates will be sent out via social media and posted on our web site. You may also sign up for text alerts on your Dick’s TSHQ app.

Partial Cancellations

  1. Late Starts to Games – if the first game(s) of the day are cancelled due to the weather, the coaches who are playing the first game must go to the AYSO tent by Field 5, get the goal bags and erect the goals for the remainder of the games.

  2. Weather Suspension – if adverse weather causes the remaining days games to be cancelled before the start of the 3:00 pm game, then the coaches whose teams are playing when games are suspended for the day must disassemble the goals and return them to the AYSO tent at Field 5.

If there is a temporary suspension of play – e.g. because of a lightning or a short thunderstorm – goals should remain in place on the field ready for resumption of play.

10U & 12U Fold-a-Goal Portable Goals
Setup and Takedown Tips


  • Do not take the net off the goal! This will simplify setup the following week. Instead, starting from the back corners, push the net forward and up the posts and onto the central cross piece. Leave the net on this piece and when you dismantle the goal, putting the central cross piece into the bag with the net.

  • After feeding the net onto the central cross piece, remove the stakes, and lay the goal down on its front. Then working from the back corners once more, take the goal apart piece by piece.


  • At this link you’ll find a video guide to setting up a soccer goal which will help if you have not done this before. These are slightly different to the goals we use but the basic principles are the same:

  • When setting up the goal, build the central cross piece first and ensure the net is threaded correctly on this before starting to build the side posts. If the goal was put away correctly, this step should be easy.

  • Once completed, add the side posts and the bottom section and push the net out to the corners and then down the sides and along the bottom posts to form the triangles which make up the side of the net. Stake the bottom posts and the back of the net.

Updated: September 21, 2021

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