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COVID-19 Waiver

AYSO COVID-19 Waiver



  • We will be taking precautions to keep our players safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19, however, until COVID-19 is either eradicated or a vaccine developed, there is no way of eliminating the risk of infection.
  • The AYSO COVID-19 Waiver will be signed during the registration process when registering a player or volunteer in any of our programs. Use the link above to download a blank copy for your reference.

AYSO Player Forms

AYSO Kids Zone Parent Pledge 

  • At AYSO, we want all players, coaches, families and volunteers to have fun. The AYSO soccer fields are a safe "Kids Zone". Parents and fans on the sidelines, and anyone else nearby, are encouraged to use positive language, show good sportsmanship in their attitude and behavior, and to create a great experience for every player. The Kids Zone Parent Pledge is a reminder that the AYSO soccer fields are a safe, friendly, happy, place for children to play.
  • Upload signed pledge to your account - click on the pencil icon next to your participant's name from your My Account page and upload the file in the Participant Documents & Forms section. Make sure to click 'Update' at the bottom of the screen to save the uploaded file to your account before exiting the page.

Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet / Hoja Informativa Acerca de los Conmociones Cerebrales

  • We take the safety of our players very seriously. Review the Concussion Information Sheet with your child each season. If a player exhibits any signs or symptoms of a concussion, they will be removed from play and not permitted to participate until they have obtained clearance by a medical professional to be allowed to return to play. Parents must submit the AYSO Participation (Return to Play) Release Form to the coach before the player will be allowed to participate in practices or games after a suspected concussion. 
  • The Concussion Information Sheet will be signed during the player registration process. Use the link above to download a blank copy for your reference.

General Release Form

  • Once a team coach has assumed charge of the children on his/her team, the coach remains responsible until a duly designated adult has taken charge of each child after a practice or game. If a child will be walking, riding a bicycle or driving themselves home from practice or games, please have parents/guardians complete the following information in order for the coach to release them.
  • Return completed release form to your child's coach.

In Case of Injury or Illness

AYSO Participation (Return to Play) Release Form

  • The AYSO Participation (Return to Play) Release Form not only protects AYSO, but more importantly, the participants. Too often injured participants are out playing again before they are physically ready. Players should not participate until they are fit to play again.
    The form requires a parent or guardian signature in order to help ensure a player is well enough to return to participation.
  • A Participation (Return to Play) Release Form must be signed by parents/guardians whenever there is an injury or illness requiring medical treatment including serious illnesses like hepatitis and pneumonia.
  • A signed Participation (Return to Play) Release Form is required whenever a player is removed from play for a suspected concussion.

AYSO Soccer Accident Insurance Brochure

  • AYSO purchases Soccer Accident Insurance (“SAI”), is a secondary insurance policy which pays excess medical costs up to $50,000 maximum per accident to an insured person for accidental bodily injuries incurred as a direct result of participation in a covered activity subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions. Download the SAI Brochure for more detailed explanation of the plan. 
  • AYSO does not provide insurance coverage for COVID‐19 related claims.

AYSO Soccer Accident Insurance Claim Form

 Northwind SC Players Only: Illinois Youth Soccer Insurance Claim Form

  •  IYSA does not provide insurance coverage for COVID-19 related claims.

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